HCHD Gold Card Application PSA

Consider this a Public Service Announcement on behalf of those (not under heavy medications, psychedelic drugs or having been medically classified as delusional) considering applying for a Harris County Hospital District Gold Card.

The application which can be found online (and below) follows the pattern established by their marketing department which is to confuse the patient and camouflage any meaningful information.  If I were American Express I’d sue them for slander. See the part in the upper right that informs you can drop off at ‘the nearest eligibility center’? I guess they are more concerned about Gold Card fraudHarris County welcome than actually getting quality information out to their patients because the first of only two contact numbers is the fraud line……and that’s noted twice as many times as the contact number. That would be 1 if you’re scoring at home. No web address, list of facilities or similar inconsequential information.

The real issue with HCHD is if you believe anything they put in print. While its true you can drop off the application what they fail to tell you is you need an appointment to do it. After standing in line for 48 minutes, completed paperwork in hand, extra copies ‘just in case’ and chuckling with the rest of the regulars over the newbies in attendance (you can always tell someone’s first visit like a soldier’s first trip to a whorehouse; they are over dressed, nervous and think they are going to get robbed in the lobby) I finally get to meet Ms. I’d Rather Be Gouging My Eyes With Toenail Clippings. It was at this point I was informed that I needed an appointment to drop the paperwork off.

“Huh? Why doesn’t it say that on the application?” I ask while reaching for my 2nd Zoloft of the morning 

“I don’t know why. That’s just the rules. Next”

“But I can mail it. I’ll just drop it off with you instead” I said 

“No ma’am, I can’t take your paperwork. You can make an appointment or mail it. Next”

“So you’re telling me I drove all the way over here, stood in line for an hour and now you’re telling me I need an appointment to hand it to someone or I could walk out the front door, throw a stamp on it and drop it in the mailbox?”

“That’s what I said. NEXT!”



HCHD Gold Card application questions #1 Define “drop off”

Please note the date of this post – February 18th 2011. Let’s see if HCHD is paying attention and changes the form, or process.

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92 Responses to HCHD Gold Card Application PSA

  1. Femalezone says:

    You’re so right. What can we do or who can we contact, or who can we get to help.

    • monica says:

      I have had the same experience there. After working all mt life i never needed the services and when i did , I was given a a hassle as if i was like a pesty bum
      on the street. Something needs to be done about this!

  2. Aracely Lopez says:

    i need gold card application

  3. mia white says:

    i have been applying and applying for my husband and i never get an answer sending in my application to different eligibility locations and it is ridiculous i never gotten a response to anything and the same thing he mentioned earlier you have to have an appointment to turn it in but there arent any appointments available everytime i call to make an appointment they are always full for the whole month so you damned if you do and damned if you dont i guess when your sick just call the ambulance and go to ben taub if your not dead by the time they reach you

    • Liaac says:

      I thought it was just me. I have applied for the gold card 4 different times (3 in one year) and have never recieved a response. i called and was finally able to speak with an agent who told me i needed to go to the main location speak to a supervisor. The application was thrown out due to missing information and i needed to start all over again. So my next question was where was all of my personal information being stored? She had no answers.. So, So sad.. This is what our tax dollars are funding.

    • Juan Maladonotho says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats raw. Mother fucking TRUTH BE TOLD!!!

  4. mia white says:

    And also noone put a gun to the employees head and said you have to work here at this county medical center, if you dont like your JOB then quit obviously the people that are applying are people that are either sick, no money, or has no other choice but to ask for medical care by coming to that god forsaken horrible ass hospital or clinic so if you dont like your job then quit bc there are better people in the world that can have there job and enjoy helping the people that are less fortunate

  5. maya says:

    i need gold card application

  6. maya says:

    j need a[[lication for gold card

  7. barbara wes says:

    i need to renew my gold card need a applicaton

  8. teasingtan says:

    I have a problem with Martin Luther King Clinic.Every time i make an appointment to be seen. The doctor s are never the same. There fore i have been seen by two different doctor. The first doctor i had an appointment with. Order a cat scan for my head this was in the month of Sept 11,2011.She did not follow up on the test.On Sept 20,2011 I made another appointment for an pap smear.Again i was given a different doctor.Still waiting on my result on the cat scan.I ask this doctor could she look up the cat scan and give me my result.Come Dec 1,2011. I made another appointment for an examination on my health.This time the doctor who schedule me for the cat scan was my doctor again,She accuse me of not keeping my appointment for the cat scan.I was so angry wiith her. Because had she been interest in her patient she would had known that the result was right there in the computer.Again she sent me for an x-ray on my knee ,This was Dec 8,2011 I have not heard any thing on this test.This doctor should have her license taken from her.

  9. Bryan Taylor says:

    Love my Gold Card. It gives me freedom to keep working and afford some type of health care. If I plan well, call ahead on my prescriptions it works just fine.

  10. wendi reat says:

    wreat totally agrees with bryan taylor

  11. LIZ says:


  12. Hector says:

    I need to renew my gold card and I need application, please!

  13. shoobie says:

    My friend has tumors so large that one is pushing her uterus sideways. She also had 11cm ovarian cyst that had her screaming in pain. In the emergency room she was told by the Nurse from Russia to shut her mouth, after she wouldn’t due to the pain she was in. The nurse went storming out of the room and slammed the door. Finally had surgery where they cut her open took the ovary, but left her her uterus overloaded with tumors. She has yet to receive an explanation of the results of her pap smear and other test that was taken. Her stomach is huge she looks like she is having twins and she has never been pregnant.. I don’t understand the inhumanity in the way the staff in this hospital treats it’s patients. Wow God! Unreal!

    • Geesai says:

      Go back to the Emergency Room..Let them know right away you have been there already..When the Doctor is assigned to you.Beg them to help you that you dont want to be in their Morgue..It worked for me and my tumor was over 13lbs..Im only 4’11..They should set you up with the Ob/Gyn Oncologist..And they will lead you from there..They saved me and I am Greatful..Must Go To Ben Taub…

    • ZEYDA P. says:

      Call this number to file a complaint. you can also get some action by calling the Mayor’s office. I had to do this
      Corporate Compliance Officer: The Corporate Compliance Officer can be reached at 713-566-2332 for direct contact/reporting.

      • Randy says:

        No offense Zeyda but that department is twisted. There’s a guy named David Riddle that’s lies constantly to you and when my new doctors finally got ahold of my medical records after 6 MONTHS of trying he had a comment in the file that was a direct lie. It made my mom cry and he denies it but can’t explain how it got in my file. Maybe that’s something the lawyers want?

        I’m sorry the lady that started this site passed away, my condolences to the family.

      • Robert Simonsen says:

        Dave Riddle is a nice guy but he has no authority to make changes. I believe he is the wall of “plausible deniability” between patient complaints and Dave Lopez and the Board. Politics are firmly entrenched in the district and unless you can find some strong political allies there will never be change.

      • JaneD9 says:

        Randy, .
        The system is a good idea. The problem is some people and rules. Doctors are putting false info…..they have done it to me. My family is not happy about this.The public as a whole need to make a change. A BOYCOTT when they do wrong? Texas Medical Board? lone star legal aid or any lawyer……..
        If they don’t have “customers” they will make changes.
        We all need to contact the REPS. Gold card should be accepted in more locations.
        Any other ideas, numbers or stories of success. Please share

  14. Deborah says:

    You contact your congress representative, your senator, state representative and county commissioners and let them know what is going on. As people that need this service we deserve to have the best possible service that can be offered and not given the run around. We need activist that are willing to go to county commissioners’ court when held and speak out against the treatment at the county hospitals and at the gold card locations. We the people vote these people in office and if they are not doing a good job for us and providing good services for us get them out of office. It is time we show these people we have voted into office we are tired of being treated like an animal instead of human. You go to the county hospitals and you sit and sit and sometimes have to leave and go back the next day. We want better service!!!!

    • Deborah I totally agree.Please contact me when needed for my signature, support or anything that I may be able to assist you with @ mtemple59@yahoo.com or friend me on facebook…Michael Templeton. May GOD bless you in your efforts.

    • Robert Simonsen says:

      Why do you believe that any of our elected officials care about health care for the poor? If they did, none of us would be complaining now. I have a Gold Card. I have spoken at the board meetings. I have contacted elected officials. Nothing changes.

      • JaneD9 says:

        To say never is to AGREE with the system.
        To do nothing is turning your back on HUMANITY.

  15. Juanita says:

    Well, I went to the Acres Homes clinic & dropped off my app. It worked out. I guess 3rd times a charm after requesting one be mailed (it wasn’t) & finally getting it and mailing it back (they never recv’d it.). But the staff IS really the problem and the time that you have to wait for an appointment is rediculous. I have never called a doctor and was told they don’t have any appointments available (rheumatology). I stopped counting after about the 15th day of no appointments. Here’s the kicker, I told my primary doc that I could not take diuretics for my h.b.p. because I have bad reactions even to the smallest doses. I was given a beta blocker…still high. I was given a 3rd medication. It cause me to feel dizzy, but most meds do for the condition. Bit then the dizzynes worsened and I started gettig really, really agressiive. What made me take notice was when my big to and the toe next to it moved painfully in diffrent directions as the result of a bad muscle spasm. Aha! Did I not tell this doctor not to give me any diuretics? A diurectic by a different name is still adiuretic and will produce that sodium imablance in me. SHEESH! I wonder what I will be prescribed next after the “find” an appointment for me.

  16. Gerald Rankin says:

    Does anyone know where’s a location for me to apply for a Gold Card? I left my name and number for someone to call me back.



  17. Lillian says:

    I too, have applied twice and have not received any response. It took me months to get an appointment just to get a referral and then two additional months to get the referral appointment. I know that Houston is a large city but maybe it’s time to look at alternatives to the many who are being ignored. Also the attitudes of the staff reflect major job burn out. Unemployment is high. I’m sure they can find someone who actually wants to work. If you can’t afford to hire extra help, then I suggest you get rid of the employees that I’m sure have received numerous compliants. Don’t even try to get a Dental Appt; It took me three years.

    • Robert Simonsen says:

      The Texas Legislature cut funding to HCHD heavily for 2012-13. Its going to get worse for the patients.

  18. shouston says:

    if you really want to hear something . . . .i was one time one of those “over dressed” people . . .

    i found out by listening AND being in decent clothes, english-speaking, etc. kept getting asked questions from patients and was treated like i worked there by walking by doctors and nurses when i went to the cafeteria.

    IF you are outside of harris county (liberty, for example), and you apply — you will receive your treatment at say, md anderson, or a fancy hospital. BUT IF you live IN harris county, you have to be treated at lbj or ben taub — the county-run hospitals. i got wind of it and when they tried to say i could not have reconstruction immediately after breast cancer surgery — i said i know that’s a crock — and i was sent to have my lumpectomy and treatment at md anderson. so, if you want something done that they can’t (or won’t, or will say they don’t) do, insist upon and it and you will be sent to the fancy hospital. once you have been treated out side the system — you are in for the life of the card. i need a card now, and after getting it, i will call md anderson for my appointment. DON’T let them tell you how things are done (or supposed to be done). be proactive, check sites like this and let them know you are not uneducated or stupid just because you are there (or illegal . . .).

    • Robert Simonsen says:

      I didn’t shave for 2 weeks, didnt bathe for a week, wore dirty clothes and carried a paper sack full of junk to my third gold card appointment. I reached in the sack and pulled out a “breakfast” cookie for the clerk. The clerk helping me was so grossed out that I got approved immediately. It was hilarious.

      • Chris Hoag says:

        Hey Randy, That’s exactly what I did yesterday and I was assisted ALMOST immediately but when I went back today with all of the needed info I had shaved and wore nice clothes. I spoke to the same lady who assisted me yesterday and she didn’t even recognize me and was told rudely that my paperwork was not completed. I asked her if she remembered me from yesterday and she looked at me like I was a mental case and had such a messed up attitude so I think I’ll wait about a week, grow some whiskers and roll around in the dirt then maybe I’ll get assisted. I’ve worked all of my life and after being laid off from the oilfield after 30 years of service I have paid my dues. But you and I both know who gets preferential treatment. I’m so sick of this crap. Thanks for being here.

    • Gayla says:

      Could call me and explain this again?See my e-mail to respond. Thank u sooo much!

    • Gayla says:

      I hope i did this right. My 1st time doing this.

  19. Anna Gardner says:

    How do I apply for a gold card ?

  20. james t. says:

    where do i get the gold card application

  21. KC says:

    Choose tab ‘Patient’;
    Then, choose ‘Access Care’;
    Then, choose ‘eligibility criteria’ (on right side of page, bottom of text);
    Then, choose ‘How do I apply’;
    Will lead you to links for the application form in English, Spanish etc.

  22. jack says:

    I live in Baytown – got a printed copy of the app at the clinic here in baytown – took it home and completed it – this was a friday – while reading the application I see I was going to need two additional forms – a Supporter Statement since i’m unemployed and living with my mother and 2. a Texas Worker Comp authorization letter or something titled similiar to that. Why were these not available at the same table where they simple application was? I was frustrated cause I knew if i mailed in my ID Docs and Address docs it was not going to be enough. So first thing monday morning we went back to the baytown clinic – and after trying to get the attention of the staff for a few minutes they finally acknowledged me and i asked for the two docs and asked if maybe there we others i had not realized i would need? They took forever (over 5 minutes to get two sheets of paper?) but i finally got the two documents went to can filled them out and put them in envelope with my other papers. I know had i not it would have increased my approval time that much more. So today (the following Saturday) i get a letter from HCHD with a form letter saying I will find enclosed one or more of the following documents, i lists five or six possibilities. I review the attachment and it is a checklist of docs to send them, but get this NONE of the spaces are checked, so it this just a receipt of the application or what?

  23. Laura says:

    I went to eligibility center Acres Home along with several others and it was locked down entirely. Does anyone know if this center is closed down for good?

    • MaySn says:

      What is better, send the application by mail, or leave it in an eligibility center, if so, what center had more responses?

  24. June lopez says:

    Deleted by admin. Contained personal information.

  25. W.H. Franklin says:


  26. phyllis spriggs says:

    i have chages to my application.I reconcided wiyh my husband 2 weeks ago

  27. Fran says:

    how much can you make in a month and be eligible for a gold card?

  28. Y Perez says:

    Everyone is complaining about how bad the services are at HCHD. I agree the service is terrible and animals are treated with more dignity. Our current governor Rick Perry wants to refuse the Health Care Act claiming Texas will care for their own but when asked what he plans to do about health care HE HAS NO PLAN. Keep complaining or Vote for representation that will create a health care plan for low income families. While those very rich keep getting tax cuts hard working people keep getting taxed at a higher rate and health care and education keeps getting cut. I have never been a welfare recipient and have worked hard my whole life to raise my daughters. after an accident I now have medical needs that I can’t afford and I have no insurance because it is too expensive and we need food and a roof over our heads. I never applied for a gold card and I am being told that I need one. Unless I quit working and apply for welfare I wouldn’t qualify for a gold card. Under our current system if you work rather than live on welfare you are not entitled to health care. You are basically pucished for working hard and trying to provide for youself and your family.
    It is unfortunate that if you become ill or have an accident you are forced to be on welfare if you want to receive even the worst health care benefits.

  29. Shabbir says:

    well, well…. I do have many grudges with HCHD…. one of my favorite is… a couple of years ago i applied for the renewal of my GC by mail. I had included my whole family information including social security numbers. I waited… and waited… and waited…. after a period of 2 months I received a phone call from some citizen from downtown Houston. She said that HCHD has rejected your GC application and they have mailed all of your paper work to her….. I thought she must be the communicator for HCHD…. but she said she has no business with HCHD… they just sent her my whole family private information….. I told her to pls keep it with her and I will personally come and pick it up my self….
    Isnt this amazing!!!!

    • lerner2012 says:

      picked up paper application at ben taub today
      it says there are five eligibility centers (one of those is at MLK)
      went there to MLK: have to say they were very courteous/attentive
      register person was a little edgy but we were cooperative, things went well
      let you know once we start calling in to setup appointments in next couple months.
      looks like their web is now http://www.harrishealth.org
      it mentions the stolen patient information
      found two numbers for gold card info 713 678 1003 and 713 566 6691
      my brother also mailed his application, months later–still waiting.
      i say try walking in early-first in line.
      worked for me, got the card printed out in about 30 minutes.
      had went in with friend at same time, seemed like we were the only ones there.
      have to ask him the address and if it is still open
      heard my aunt got her card right away at casa amigos on main st, no prob.
      this can be good information site
      appreciate this very much, was so frustrated trying to find application til
      i found it on your site, thanks:)

  30. Please direct me to the home page for the medical gold card application! ASAP (editor’s note:You really ought to read this site and understand it’s purpose before making demands. But since you asked so nicely we’ll get right on it with all the speed of HCHD!)

  31. Shannon Chenault says:

    I would like to have an application sent to me. I have tried to do it online with no successful.

  32. tsammyj says:

    I am going to mail in my application today. I have an umbilical hernia which is starting to bother me more and more lately. Wish me luck and I WILL keep you updated on the app process..

    • Shannon says:

      I dont think they don’t do anything about hernias. Unless there something i dont know about? I have heard from others(1 who i know personally) with different types of hernias actually causing problems and no help even with symptoms. Go to a specialist dealing with hernias.
      This is why there are so many complaints. Many don’t even get a diagnosis.
      Where did you get the info. or who told you that you had a hernia?

  33. Rachel says:

    Folks, this is so NOT the place to ask for card applications. Shame on you. This site was set up to warn you against gold cards, to be aware of problems inherent in the system, and perhaps to allow a place for folks to vent. Fact is, I got here because I suspect I have an abdominal obstruction (have Crohn’s and have had one before)…like many, my income is not enough to have health insurance, and I was advised to get a gold card. Like the person who started this site, I suspect I will be dead before I get an appointment.
    Incidentally, folks, if you haven’t tried socialized medicine, don’t knock it. Not all countries are like Canada. Sure, the hospitals in Europe and Israel may not be as posh as Houston, but there are some damned fine doctors out there, and the medicine in Israel in particular is superior. And it’s virtually free. Certainly we could come up with something here that would work for all Americans.

  34. June lopez says:

    Hello I sent a application to you guys and never herd nothing I want to know what is the hold up my # xxx-xxx-xxxx it’s Ben 4 months. Thank you:)

    (editors note: ph # deleted.)

  35. d hernandez says:

    yes I believe it is truly just a game they are all playing with us watching us like mice in a maze…..lol waiting to see how many of us they can deny when we are really ill and seeing how many of us will just give up….if you have anything really serious go to emergency room it will take months to get an appointment and it will take at least two of those before anything gets done…..lol that’s been my experience

  36. Karen Thompson says:

    Applied for a medical gold card. And was approved but did not get a card. Do I need to apply again.? If so I need an application.

    • Grace says:

      No, they don’t actually give out cards anymore. They use your palm print. Just make an appt for whatever and when you go they will tell you what to do. Take your approval letter with you.

  37. R,,,,, says:

    i have applied and got response telling that send my utility bill, but i didnt pay anything what should i send them??? please anyone help me..thanks in advance 🙂

    • E says:

      What that is, is they want a proof that you live in Harris County. The last time I used my latest bank statement as proof, but anything that works as proof as residency should work.

  38. sandra toler says:

    @ karen thompson they don’t give plastic cards anymore or cards of any kind. you have to hang onto your eligibility letter they send you saying you’re approved and how much your copay is etc… or at least that’s how it was before i left houston last year and moved to another city. i had a gold card (paper)

  39. Saad Memon says:

    I am about to apply for my mom, she has pancreatic cancer and is in need of treatment asap.
    I have a few questions that i am looking to get answered:
    1) Can you get treatment while the Gold Card application is in process (from earlier posts it seems people are stating that you cant, but i wanted to confirm this)
    2) Is it faster to submit the application at one of the eligbility centers (mom cant go so i need to submit it for her)
    3) Is there a place where you can track the progress of the application?

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  41. Richard Castaneda says:

    I had a stroke in 2003 and I had been seeing a doctor for my back trouble, now I get gold card to see a doctor so she can help, but she does not want to give me any pain killers for my back she give me pill for headaches or minor pain,.how can I get them to help me I.m 62 and I can’t get medicare until I.m 65

  42. bill black says:

    ben taub is an excellent hospital,,,probably one of the best in the country,,if you never paid taxes don’t expect any help…go get in line like you do for your drivers license or vehicle registration,,,i had no problem and they saved my life,,great doctors great people,,,,every hospital should be this good,,thank god for Obama care,,,this is proof its working,,,and its about time,,if your a scamer,,move to Minnesota or wisconsin

  43. We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
    Your web site provided us with valuable information to work on.
    You’ve done a formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you.

  44. Ward says:

    I usually do not leave many responses, but i did a few
    searching and wound up here HCHD Gold Card
    Application PSA | Harris County Hospital District Sucks.
    And I actually do have a few questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be simply me or does it look as if like some of the comments come across like written by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are writing on other online sites, I’d like to follow everything new you have to post.
    Could you list of the complete urls of all your communal pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter

  45. Can I get a gold card if I have medicade&medicare

  46. A.G says:

    I feel you , I filled out an applications and gave them all of the info they requested but they forgot to put it into the computer and i was denied as a result so im dead patient number 2

  47. Mine was just a re-renewal and months later I called for an appointment and I was told they had no record of receiving my paperwork! I was wondering why I never received a confirmation for it. Apparently they just threw it out for missing info which I cannot understand since my info was exactly the same…ss disability. Now I have to start over again. Terrible. And they were saying how you don’t have to go in for a personal interview to reduce paperwork, etc.

    • Fay says:

      I’m trying to get my mom a gold card. She only get disability. Can anyone tell me how to get started. I saw on here that someone said the application online is not the correct one to fill out……….please help……..any info will be appreciated:)

  48. KO says:

    So I can understand the frustration but something is always better than nothing especially if you fall into the “middle”. We make too much for medicaid, my husbands company won’t cover my daughter or I, and private insurance is too over priced for us. The application process is indeed a pain, the trick is to make sure you have EVERY piece of information they need at once or yes your application gets tossed out. Mail it in return receipt requested so someone signs for it and you have proof it was received. Expect 45 days before you hear anything one way or the other, also if you need to renew it start the process 45 days before it expires. When it’s time to make an appointment get up and call at 6am! They only make so many appts a day and it is first come first serve. You can expect that your appt will be about 1 month later, several months in the future if it’s a surgery and make sure you don’t miss it or you’ll be going through the appointment process all over again. If you wake up with the flu or something you just go to what they call triage and you’ll be seen, eventually. Clearly it’s not perfect but in some other places there is nothing offered so in a way residents of Harris County should count their blessings this exists. My daughter is now on CHIP and third is the third time on the Gold card for me. Hope this information helps someone out.

  49. SufferFromPOTS says:

    Can anyone please advise? How in the world do you schedule a doctor’s appointment? I have been on the phone for hours, tried to schedule a call-back 3 times…no one picks up! I’m assigned to El Franco Lee in Alief and called there too, but no one picks up. If I walk in, will I get accepted? How long is the wait?

    Thank you. God Bless those of us in misfortune.

  50. june lopez says:

    im trying to get a gold card and a renew it can you help

  51. Lynell Hopkins says:

    I really need assistance. Just lost my job and it time for a doctor visit and I am unable to take care of these things without help. Hoping that this is a program that will her a person that really need help.

  52. shelly says:

    people when you do get the gold car they still treat you like shit. I had the gold card and was sick and really needed to see the doctor when i called for an appointment in December last year about the second week of that month everyday they told me to call back because they were full and i’m a new patient so that’s why the cant book me for any appointment right away. The third week i called everyday again and beg if it was possible to get an appointment and the lady said i can give you an appointment i was so happy until she said “the appointment is in FEBRUARY!” i was so upset my eyes was fill with tears because i really need to see a doctor in that month. i just told her don’t bother and thank you. i went and paid cash to see the doctor cost me a lot but at least i got the help n medication i needed. this world is mess up not even when you dying these people wont help you. they act like you chose to be a low income worker that doesn’t get health insurance from their job.

  53. brenda says:

    After reading all these negative comments I think I will continue paying for clinic visits I don’t need my blood pressure to go up any more than it is now

  54. Valencia. kirby says:

    Want to apply for a gold card

  55. Raquel M. says:

    I was 20 when I started suffering from these horrible horrible pains. I did not have insurance so I stuck it out. For the duration of 3 months the pain kept getting worse and worse and lasted longer…. till one day i got the pain so bad i could not bare it any longer so my father took me to Ben Taub and it was my 1st visit and i had no insurance so i had to wait in the emergency room like everyone else in agonizing pain…after 8 long hours i finally gave up n went home. My father told me to apply for the gold card n it was time to renew his as well…so we went to the location and i picked up an application and made an appointment along with my father. Still suffering from my pains while waiting for apointment i did some research online on what could be wrong with me…turned out i was 100 percent sure i had gallstones…sooo apointment day came and recieved my gold card same day. Night came around and i feel the pain coming back…my father immediately took me to ben taub emergency room n the lobby wuz packed with ppl…no one in line though so they asked me a few questions on what was going on with me and took my blood pressure…they asked if i had insurance n i said YES i have the gold card almost instantly they all started acting really concerned about me and took me straight to the back. Theres long hours of waiting and complaining but i didnt care because i wasnt waiting to be seen…turns out i did have gallstones and it was inflamed and infected so i had to under go surgery to have it removed. The whole time i had no problems and the doctors n nurses where all good ppl. I have no complains….felt very sorry for the ppl in the lobby with agonizing pain n bleeding everywhere. Thats crazy. Stay in hospital for a week n all i paid was $50 and did not have to pay at that time. So on my experience i would recommend the gold card but to go to ben taub. Sorry long story…believe it or not i kept the story as short as i could.

  56. Need to print out application for a gold card

  57. Hi I am Barbara Davis I’m a single mother I’m 31 years old have two daughters and 14 year old and a6 year old have no income we just moved up here from North Carolina all three of us have medical problem umm I’ll take a lot of medication send get in to see Dr a send it in to see Dr and and paper medicine I cannot afford it

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